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By Coach Jeric

Our mission is to connect with amazing business leaders and reach new levels together.

The Professional Connection

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Isn't it time to cultivate meaningful relationships with people who want to see your business succeed?

The fact is, we need more than referrals. We need more than another networking event full of elevator pitches. We need real solutions in our business. We need real connection.

The Professional Connection is about cultivating TRUE meaningful relationships with other business people and learning and growing from one another. This is a network of mentors and friends.

Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future. The Professional Connection is founded on the idea that when we create meaningful connections with each other, we can build a stronger future for ourselves.

Our mission is to connect with amazing business leaders and reach new levels together.

The Professional Connection gets CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and managers together in a fun and intimate setting for at least two types of event-

  1. Talent builders- Impactful meetings in which you partner with a team of mentors so you can level up in life and business.

  2. Relationship builders- Fun outings so you can grow your personal connections with other leaders.

At The Professional Connection, we share these things in common… Our Core Values…

  • We CREATE a fun and welcoming environment

  • We CULTIVATE meaningful, professional connections

  • We PURSUE bold challenges

  • We INVITE new people and perspectives to the conversation

The Professional Connection is not another networking group. It is a group of friends who are change-makers.

Imagine next time you’re racking your brain trying to figure out how to inspire your team to reach a new goal. But then imagine making a phone call to a mentor who has lead teams that broke records.

Imagine you need to have a tough discussion with an employee, and you feel uneasy about it. But then imagine texting a mentor who has terminated people before and can help you navigate this process from an HR perspective.

Imagine you’re struggling to hire good talent to add to your team, and you keep hiring bad apples. But then imagine having coffee with a mentor who has successfully hired and promoted hundreds of champions.

And now, imagine all of your wildest financial dreams coming true. Imagine your business growing millions of dollars. Imagine retiring within a couple years.

The Professional Connection is designed to put a powerful network of champion leaders on your speed dial. Before today, you would have to spend years building your personal network, and then weeks trying to find a date that works for both parties, and then hopefully you get the information you need.

But today that changes. Today, you get to be a part of the revolution that is The Professional Connection. You get to tap into a network of trained mentors.

Join now and take a seat with a team of experienced mentors who can support you on your journey.

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