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Only 40% of startups ever become profitable.*

We're here to change that.

What is The Professional Connection?

We are a network of professionals, expert led, that help you grow your business.

  • Mindset

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Finances

  • Leadership, and more...

If it's going to get you paid, we're talking about it.

How do we help small businesses?

We have a ton of ways to support you in your business (Click one)

What kind of support does your business need? We've got you!

Seriously though, what kind of support do you need?

We have a ton of ways to support you in your business.

Training Events and Networking

  • Most people start here.

  • Excel University is great for the self-starter working on a budget; attend online events, download our files, browse the training library, and connect with our community.

  • It's easy to begin (only $1,) and is very affordable to maintain each month.

Excel University

Group Coaching

  • Coaching support on a budget.

  • ELITE Family is great for the do-it-yourself(er) who enjoys regularly socializing with other professionals in a group coaching environment.

  • We add a ton of additional support to our members in the ELITE Family.

ELITE Family
  • Multiple group calls a week.

  • Our Marketing Mastery course is FREE for September.

  • Pair with a new accountability partner every couple months.

1:1 Coaching

  • This is the most impactful and quickest path to success.

  • With ELITE Coaching, you'll receive direct, detailed support from Coach J (Jeric) throughout every week.

  • You'll have every available resource (worth thousands of dollars) at your fingertips as Coach J (Jeric) methodically guides you to success in your business.

ELITE Coaching

Done For You

  • PERFECT for the professional who doesn't want to learn it all- you just need to connect with your audience.

  • Coach J will develop your marketing plan and help you connect with hundreds of people in your audience.

    • Engage with your audience- social media and email list

    • Outreach to your target market

    • Create freebies to grow your e-newsletter

    • And more...

Done For You

We want action-takers in our communities! If you're seriously ready to make an impact in your business, choose one of the above options now!

Our community of 300 can't be wrong. Being a part of a network of champions helps.

Increased Profits- Gina Stockdall.jpg
Greatest Support Group- David Poplin.jpg

78% of startups say their network was vital to their success.**

That's why EVERY offer of ours comes with an amazing network of professionals.

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