I didn't know if, how, or when I would make my next sale...

  • I hated networking... Networking felt too buttoned up, forced, and too "what have you done for me lately..."

  • Posting content wasn't fruitful... Posting on multiple platforms daily was too time consuming. The views rarely resulted in actual closed business...

  • I wasn't ready to pay for ads... I didn't want to throw money out without a real solid plan in the first place.

I never was a fan of the "classic" methods.

Yet today, we ALWAYS have a wait-list...


Why is that? Because we have a detailed marketing playbook and if you join our 1:1 coaching program we will customize a playbook just for you as well!

With our ATTRACT modules, you'll...

  • Have more clarity around your mission and who you serve best.

  • Touch dozens or even hundreds of people at a time.

  • Effortlessly get into conversations with dream clients on a daily basis.

  • Learn our strongest lead generation strategies for Instagram and Facebook.

Did you know... We can even add done-for-you services into your plan to help take the load off!

If you're serious about making more sales, you need a plan.

We will remove the guesswork from your marketing efforts. You choose how.

  • Coach led | 1:1 training comes with a customized playbook

  • Group paced | Group training and networking comes with a 20-week event syllabus

  • Self-paced | Video-vault comes with all of the lessons we have done

Heck, you can have all three.

We have a wait-list, but I'll be real with you... If you're serious about getting support for your business right away, contact me directly with what you're looking for. We put the hungry at the front of the line.

The systems we teach have worked amazingly for a variety of professionals that offer high-ticket services. Designers, photographers, coaches, trainers, artists, etc.