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“Time is everything we have and don't.”

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Certified Life Coach Jeric Sorrell takes this gripping story of overcoming life's challenges, and turns it into a framework for self-transformation.

“The significant part of my life had been wasted in the crippling hallucination that ‘there would always be tomorrow’.”

As he watched the machines monitor his heart, and waited for advanced directive paperwork, he began to wonder if the most critical organ in his body would last through the day. He had to accept that tomorrow was not promised.

"If I live, I need to make every moment count.”

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Glimpese of the Study
Glimpese of the Study

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Glimpese of the Study
Glimpese of the Study

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What if right now you had to face the fact that everything you had done up to this point was all you would ever do?

The Study is the blueprint for success that Coach Jeric has used to inspire the transformational journeys for thousands of people from all over the world.


Packed with life-changing tools and powerful quotes, you hold the key to taking your life from mediocre to meaningful.

No matter where you are, on top of the world or just starting a new chapter, this book compels you to live with purpose in every moment you are given. Most importantly, The Study compels you to consider one question;

How can I show up as my best each day?

The Study is a guide for;

  • Finding purpose

  • Building value around that which is important to you

  • Maneuvering resistance when it gets difficult

  • Building a plan, a foundation for change

  • Taking action on what matters to you

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